Your Journaling Journey

Starting Monday 26 November

Your Journaling Journey is a 2 week e-course to help you to use journaling as a creative, self discovery practice to bring more joy and meaning to your life.

As women, we need tools and regular practices which help us to create some sacred space to reflect and to stay engaged with who we are and what we want from our lives. With that in mind I have created a new e-course to give you the focus and opportunity to bring some self care, self discovery and perhaps a little magic into your life…so sign up!

How can journalling help me?


The course will start Monday 12 February and once you sign up, you will receive;

  • 3 emails per week delivered on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday with useful information and exercises to help you on your journey
  • Access to a beautiful downloadable journaling guide at the end of the course which contains all of the content and a further list of prompts to keep your practice going.
  • A private Facebook group of likeminded women, with daily prompts from me for discussion and for use in your own private journaling practice. The group would also include a weekly Facebook live session where you can ask me questions about the content or any other aspect of journaling.

If you’d like to sign up please click here