The Gratitude Habit


As a self care coach, my specialist self care subject is GRATITUDE and the benefits of developing a regular gratitude practice. I truly believe that when you give gratitude a space and focus in your life, MAGIC happens.

Gratitude improves happiness, contentment, mental and physical wellbeing and help you to create better relationships and more meaning in your life. It can also help you to create the life that you want by concentrating your attention on making that happen.

There is already a lot of existing research out there to back up what I am saying here, research which shows that gratitude has a positive effect on heart health, sleep, your immune system, mental health, resilience and connection.

I have created many resources on the subject including a gratitude workshop on the subject which I have run at conferences, fairs and within organisations, so my next step to helping people use gratitude to change their lives was to create an online programme that’s about gratitude so that a wider group can benefit. So this is what I have done in creating a 28 day online programme, THE GRATITUDE HABIT. And it’s running for the second time in January 2019


From 7 January until 4 February you will need just 10-15 minutes a day to devote to the programme, access to a computer and email and an option to use Facebook at some points. I will also ask you to spend probably 10 mins or so at the end giving me feedback via an online survey or similar and, if you are willing, a testimonial that I can use to help me promote the programme in the future.

I’m not asking for a fee though I will ask for a voluntary contribution of £10 to the mental health charity MIND and I’ll give you the link to do this when you have signed up and we get started.


The gift of a lifetime’s habit of gratitude which will positively impact your health and happiness!

But more specifically, you get the whole programme which consists of a daily email, Facebook group/gratitude community and downloadable workbook and journal to record your thoughts and progress and to help you establish a regular gratitude habit. Over 28 days you will be guided and prompted into making this new habit and given lots of information and ideas to make this a habit that will stick.

If you’d like to get this brilliant and potentially life changing programme, please SIGN UP HERE.