Your Journaling Journey

Are you feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have lost the connection to who you really are and what you REALLY want out of life?

Can you easily get to the end of each day, or week, having done nothing uplifting or nourishing that’s just for you?

Would you like to discover a way to help you connect to yourself, understand your moods and feelings, work through thoughts and issues and also spark your creativity, ideas and solutions?

Would you like to make a little time and space, just for you?

Your Journaling Journey is a  short but powerful e-course to help you to start using journaling as a creative, self discovery practice to bring more joy, understanding and meaning to your life.


What will journal do for me?


As women, we need tools and regular practices which help us to create some sacred space to reflect and to stay engaged with who we are and what we want from our lives.

Too often our energy, both physical and emotional is taken by caring for others, putting other people’s needs before our own and juggling a whole host of conflicting priorities such as work, business, children, partners and elderly parents.


Journaling helps us to:
  • understand ourselves
  • explore our feelings and behaviours
  • deal with our limiting beliefs and emotions
  • boost our creativity
  • decide what we want from our lives
  • solve problems and deal with difficult situations
  • take time for ourselves


All of this can happen in the pages of your own, personal and private space – your journal. If you create a regular journaling ritual, you will notice profound shifts in how you feel about yourself and the world around you – put simply, it’s one of the most useful self care techniques that I share with people. And it’s  so simple. All you need is a notebook, a pen and 10-15 minutes of quiet time on a regular basis.


With that in mind I have created this e-course to give you the focus and opportunity to bring some self care, self discovery and perhaps a little magic into your life.


What does the course cover?

In Your Journaling journey, I help you to explore the different types of journaling that I use and have used. Together we will look at;


  • Mindset and method – how to set up a good journaling practice that will work for you
  • Discovery journaling – using prompts and questions to guide your journaling
  • Flow journaling – a type of journaling to help you unlock ideas, insights and creativity
  • Letter journaling – a technique of writing your journal as if a letter to someone to explore and discover your emotions, resolve old and existing conflicts and unlock hidden parts of yourself
  • End of day journaling – a quick evening ritual to calm and soothe you before sleep
You will receive;
  • 6 course elements, delivered by email, every other day for 12 days. Each element explores a different aspect of journaling and gives you ideas and encouragement for the next two days.
  • Access to a lovely downloadable journaling guide which contains all of the content and a further list of prompts to keep your practice going.
  • The choice to send me personal 121 emails – 3 in total, to explain anything or get further support with the course.

As soon as you purchase the course you will be sent the first instalment and then the rest will come in a further 5 emails, two days apart to give you time to digest the information and start using the techniques and knowledge to start your journaling journey. At the end you will get a link to download the course e-guide which will serve as a reminder for all you have learned.

This would make an amazing gift for a sister or girlfriend too, so if you’d like to buy it for them, remember to use their email address in the box below when purchasing.

All of this for just £55!



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