Your Inner Mentor – personal coaching session

Can you imagine how much easier life would be if you could always get the best advice, tailor made for you, whenever you needed it? From someone you trusted, connected with and admired? That’s what it’s like when you know how to call on your inner mentor.

Most of us habitually seek advice and guidance from outside of ourselves. We look to those we feel are more experienced or more ‘together’ than us. We might read books to help show us the way, or wait for a ‘sign’.

We wait to feel more confident or more motivated before we take action, make decisions or seize an opportunity. We put things off.

And all the while, life is passing us by!

In this 1-2-1 coaching session, I will take you on a journey to find and meet your inner mentor and, once you have found her, give you tools and structure for how you can use her to guide and support you through every decision, every opportunity and every dilemma that you have!

Your inner mentor is always on call. Their advice is just for you and always comes from a place of wider perspective and wisdom, not from fear, scarcity, lack or self doubt. Their advice is based on knowing you inside out and only having your very best interests at heart.

Your inner mentor is… YOU!

After you have met and learned how to tap into your inner mentor, you’ll be able to call on her over and over again. You can lean on her for support and advice, whenever you like. You can ask her questions when you need clarity. You can use her as a safe place to go to get a new, wider perspective on your life.

If you want to embrace chance, make the most of life and move forwards even when you feel afraid and resistant, your inner mentor is there to help you do that.


This session is for you if;

  • You struggle with self doubt
  • You find it hard to make decisions
  • You are often overwhelmed by other people’s opinions
  • You find it hard to choose between opportunities
  • You have listened to the advice of others or done what you felt you ‘should’ do and it hasn’t worked out
  • You lack confidence
  • You have let opportunities pass you by because you haven’t acted
  • You find yourself unable to take action without getting advice – and then you sometimes doubt the advice as it doesn’t ring ‘true’.

This session is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of life and free themselves of indecision and doubt!

The workshop costs includes;

  • A 60 minute personal coaching session where we go on a journey to find your inner mentor, evaluate that experience and look at ways that you can further and deepen the experience
  • A downloadable workbook for you to record your findings and remind yourself of all the creative ways that you can work with your inner mentor, which is so useful after the session is over to deepen and expand the learning
  • Access to a recording of the visualisation used in the workshop so that you can use it to practice connecting with your inner mentor after the workshop is over.

Once you buy this product, I will send you an email within 24 hours so that we can hook up and get a date in the diary for your session.

Sessions will be available at various times from 10am until 8pm, Monday to Friday and some availability on Saturday mornings too.