Gather & Grow – creating email marketing success

Online learning – Starts Monday 6 April

How would you like to be able to sell more easily, without FEELING like you are giving anyone the hard sell?

How much more confident would you be with your email marketing if you had put a plan in place for yourself of what you are going to send and when you are going to send it – and to who?

What would it be like to check your subscriber list to find that it was increasing on a weekly if not daily basis? AND that some of your new subscribers were immediately buying something from you?

Wouldn’t it feel freer and so much EASIER if you were happy that the email content that you were sending out was welcomed by your list and was working hard to increase your influence with them, even when you were not in the office?

How about if you were able to reframe unsubscribes as a GOOD thing and not let them feel like a rejection?

Whether you sell products or services, jewellery, VA services, holistic therapy, run a blog or something else entirely, I have plans, methods and ideas for you to help you to create an email marketing action plan to grow your list, create emails that people want to open AND sell more stuff.


Sounds good?


Welcome to Gather & Grow – a programme for email marketing success

We will spend  little time together each week, for four weeks, looking at the following areas;

  • Creating confidence – for you and your audience
  • How to get people to sign up for your list (& buy something immediately)
  • Creating email content with impact – understand what your list wants and giving it to them
  • Creating a nurture programme – a season of extra love for your new subscribers
  • Bringing it all together – writing a plan and getting going!

Gather & Grow will be delivered via email and a private Facebook group for course members only. It will consist of

  • Weekly live video on Monday mornings to introduce and go over the topic content for the week (if you can’t catch the live you can watch later when you have time)
  • Weekly email sent out on Mondays
  • Weekly workbook to keep track of your ideas and work
  • Private facebook group available every day to ask questions and share ideas with me and other other members. I promise to dip in there a couple of times a day to see what’s happening.

By the end of the course you will;

  • Understand things like lead generators, tripwire products and how to use them
  • Have pinpointed what the value of your emails are and have started to deliver it
  • Gained confidence to combine value content and selling to create income for your business
  • Have developed your own personal action plan to grow your list and create, plan and deliver great content

Gather & Grow is for you if;

  • You run a business or side hustle (or would like to) and would like more people on your email list
  • You don’t have a consistent pattern of activity for your email marketing
  • You aren’t regularly getting new people signed up to your list
  • You get stressed out thinking about what should be in your next email ‘newsletter’
  • Your open rate is less than 20% and you’re worried you’re missing the mark
  • You don’t even have a list but want one!

It’s not for you if;

  • You have multiple people signing up to your list every week
  • Your email list is a primary source of sales for you
  • You don’t enjoy working in a group and sharing ideas with others
  • You would find it hard to commit 1-2 hours a week to growing your business
  • You’re after a ‘quick fix’ – they don’t exist & I don’t sell unicorns!
  • You want hands on technical ‘know how’ of specifically how to set things up in your email package – I don’t have experience of every email software package and I don’t intend to get into very precise nuts and bolts of exactly how to set certain automations etc up – but I can help you to go away and find that out easily for yourself!


This is not an intensive course that require a huge amount of commitment.

It is designed to be informative, fun and not too overwhelming.

My experience is that when someone has only a limited knowledge or understanding of a subject initially, and also has to do all their normal work to run and grow their business, they don’t always have time for deep dive courses that require a lot of commitment and time. if that feels true, then this is for you!

After you purchase access to this course, you’ll receive an email a week before it begins, giving you access to the group and any further information that you need at that time.


So! What are you waiting for! Let’s gather & grow!