Simple Happy Life – 9 October 2019

This is me:
Hello! Due to some recent activity of mine I seem to have picked up a little flurry of new Instagram followers, so hi!
I’m Sarah and I am a coach and workshop and event leader. But perhaps more interestingly than that I am also the following;

I am an optimist. I believe the best way to approach life is with positivity. No this doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you, yes it does mean you are better equipped to deal with life and all of its shades and forms.

I’m an encourager. This is my superpower. It’s probably the one thing that my clients value above all others. I have the power to allow people to believe in themselves more, because I believe in them.

I’m an eye opener. If you work with me whether in one-to-one coaching, or come on a retreat day or join in with an online group course you will have an a-ha moment. I’m here to bring about change and in doing that I will help you to have realisations, epiphanies and mindset shift. Put simply I turn the lights on.

I’m a gatherer. I bring women together. Although I love to do one-to-one work with women I really come into my own when I gather women together whether that be online or at a real life event.

So that’s all about me. Of course there is more, I’m a business owner since 2005. I’m a wife and I’m a mother. I love nature, food, walking, talking and reading. I want to help women to succeed. I want to live a simple happy life. I want to get more sleep!

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