Simple Happy Life – 8 November 2018

Today has been haaaaaard. Not in a ‘something dreadful has happened’ way, just in a ‘haven’t slept fully for three nights, it’s dreary and now my damn period has arrived 5 days early grrr’ kind of a day! I was sat here feeling annoyed as I haven’t been very ‘productive’ and then I thought; I made pancakes for breakfast, I walked the school run this morning, I’ve drafted a welcome letter to my THE GRATITUDE HABIT subscribers, I’ve sourced some images for another project, I made lovely homemade cheesy coleslaw to go with jacked spuds with the crackliest of skins, I made the bed, I watched an episode of Killing Eve and got the kinderboy off to football practice. And remembered to give him his water bottle. Surely everything else can wait… if you’d like to sign up for my FREE gratitude programme which starts a week on Monday, hop over to my bio to sign up. It’s what your November has been searching for xxx #gratitude #slowliving #hormonallychallenged #gloomandglow #naturelover

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