Simple Happy Life – 8 January 2019

Hands up who feels a bit pooped out with 2019 already?

As I scroll through my various inboxes and social media feeds, I feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of shouty information encouraging me, no DEMANDING that I create the best year ever, that I make all 365 days count, that there are just 52 weeks to create impact etc etc.
I actually feel tired just reading them.

I did not start 2019 literally raring to go. I am not sure I ever really do as we start a new year being totally truthful.

This isn’t because I don’t believe in goal setting, or in striving to improve our lives, make changes and move forwards with hopes and dreams – far from it. I’d make a pretty poor life and business coach if that was the case!

But I never feel like 1st of January is the best time to do it. Not for me anyway.

Goal setting takes time. It’s not something you can do in an evening or even in a few hours. Perhaps you have a vague idea or an overriding feeling about how you want 2019 to go, of what you want from life generally. But turning that into a concrete plan, with actions and targets takes time and thought.

So unless you dedicated December to it (thought not!) it’s unlikely that you started 2019 with a huge spring in your step and a firm, actionable plan of what you want and where you are going.

Of course the new year DOES present an opportunity to re focus and to think about what we want. It’s like we have turned over a big page. But guess what, the page is BLANK. Which is, if you think about it, rather lovely.

But every day gives us this opportunity too. you are no less likely to succeed with your goal setting and making changes to your life if you pick another day.
I do believe that when we get the calling to make changes, we should do it, and without too much delay. But I also believe that we should do it in a gentle, achievable way that feels good and right for us.
So I’m just here to say, you haven’t missed the boat – you ARE the boat.

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