Simple Happy Life – 5 February 2019

So many of you have responded to the question in my stories, about what your inner critic says. I so appreciate it. I also want to say to each of you that your inner critic is 100% wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
I know my own inner critic only too well and am used to the things that she says to me but I was blown away by the response and my reaction to it.
What was said resonated so much and whilst I felt sad to read the comments (see stories to read them, quick, before they go!) I also felt like we were all in it together.

And I hope if you go read them you might feel less alone with your inner critic too and that it helps to know that other women, all of whom you’d admire if you knew them, have some pretty shitty self talk going on.

And I promise I’m working hard to create something to help you through it!

#selftalk #innercritic #lifecoach #womenempoweringwomen

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