Simple Happy Life – 4 July 2018

The England football team wrote a little piece of history last night when they broke the spell of penalties doom and won through in a gripping penalty shoot out to reach the quarters in what seems like… well too long!

Gareth Southgate, England Manager gave an inspiring interview immediately afterwards where he stressed the importance of individual players and the team creating their own stories and making their own history. Clearly he’s determined they break free from the story that England cannot win a World Cup final and the history of the last 52 years. And whatever he’s doing to coach the team to this end is working so far… It’s SO important that we take care to create the right stories for and about ourselves.
It’s equally important that we don’t allow our histories and the expectations that can stem from them to shape our present and futures.
What new story do you need to start creating for yourself? And what bits of history do you need to let go of to do this?

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