Simple Happy Life – 31 January 2019

It’s all about the inner! I’m putting together my first new product of 2019 and I’m… excited & tingly! This has been a long time in the thinking and is rooted in my CTI coaching training waaaaay back in 2005. It’s an exploration of your inner critic and an introduction to your inner guide. Most people are way more in touch with the critic and honestly, I get that. My inner meany gets going on me every day, but I’m getting better at outwitting her 😉 the inner guide is much less talked about and worked on but when you find her… she is your best friend. So I’m really pretty eager to get this material together so I can share it with as many women as possible!

So how are you? Glad January is almost over? I’d love to hear what your inner critic has said to you today, so come on, let’s hear what the mean girl had to say!

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