Simple Happy Life – 31 December 2018

If your mind has turned to the making of resolutions today, please do yourself a favour. Before you start, resolve to remove the shoulds. Don’t set goals for yourself that aren’t really yours but are being imposed from elsewhere. Things that you SHOULD do but really don’t want to. Goals that even as you set them you have a sneaking suspicion that you won’t reach. Because your heart isn’t really in it.

Think about the things you WANT to achieve in 2019.
Reframe ‘giving up’ into ‘giving’. Sprinkle some JOY into your plans. Don’t be too earnest about it all. There’s no rule that resolutions should feel like penance or a punishment. What if your resolutions felt light and bouncy? What would they be then?

#newyearsresolutions #goalsetting #sparkle

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