Simple Happy Life – 3 October 2019

Not last night but the night before, my son and I were driving back down into our village after dropping one of his little friends off after he’d come round for tea and Pokémon card nonsense. As we drove down we realised that a really stunning sunset was unfolding. So instead of driving home we drove quickly along the lanes to the cricket ground where we knew we would get a good view of the big sky and hopefully the sunset.
We parked up, shot out of the car, ran through the trees and out into the cricket ground to see a really magnificent sky. Jake was keen to capture it so here is his photo. It’s not nearly as spectacular as it was in real life as is so often the way!
We could have just gone home but I’m so glad that we didn’t and we took those extra five minutes to chase the sunset and try to catch it in our hands.

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