Simple Happy Life – 27 July 2018

In a world of grand gestures and extremes, I tend to believe that it’s the smaller things that we do consistently that create the lives that we live. That can go both ways. We can choose to persist with small positive steps, good habits, little bits of self care, constant kindnesses to ourselves and others. Or we can fill our days with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, petty irritations, poor eating choices, one too many glasses of wine. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Just as how a two week holiday in the summer won’t restore us from the other 50 weeks of stress and over work, neither will a grand gesture towards our mental or physical health undo smaller, but daily steps against them. One little biscuit a day will make you considerably heavier at the end of the year. 10 minutes meditation a day will make you considerably calmer by the end of a year. Think about how you live your days. Because this is how you are living your life. #selfcarecoach #dailyhabits #takecareofyourself #maketimeforyou #changeyourlife

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