Simple Happy Life – 26 June 2019

Isn’t this a beautiful photo? I cannot take credit for it, it was taken by a teacher at my son’s school, Kit Saddington.
He took it on midsummers day & drove for about an hour at the right time, hoping to get the perfect shot that he’d envisioned in his mind.
The weather and light is so variable in the UK as is what kind of flora and fauna have emerged at different times in the season. And it struck me, this commitment to just going for it, hoping things will pan out, putting the effort in without certainty of the outcome. Hoping for the best, trying your best, seeing what happens. He didn’t know until he got there if that heather would be out yet. That the light would appear that way, that the sun would give off that particular golden shade.
I suppose I just admire and encourage that ‘just go for it’ attitude. I haven’t always had it, in fact I still have to push myself forwards at times, to go for things where the outcome is by no means certain. But life is so very short. We all owe it to ourselves to just go for it.

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