Simple Happy Life – 25 September 2019

I was flicking through photos from the summer when I came across this one. That lovely woman on the left is @amusing_jools who is what I would call a true friend.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about friendship this year, the importance of making time for those people who fill you up, have your back and can be relied upon. In good times and bad.
I’d be the first to admit I’ve not always made enough time for friends; I like my own company, I get easily tired out by being with people too much. And I guess life, business, motherhood gets in the way too. Plus I have so many online friends, I genuinely never feel lonely!
But I made a promise to myself that I’d make more time in real life for the good people, those women who lift my spirits, spark fun and laughter and who do not judge or shame me for just being me, or try to hold me back in some way. I’m 46 ladies, I’m done with that shit!
So I’ve been planning coffees and day trips and the like with my team of womenfolk and so far it’s going well. I’ve had some great conversations, been inspired, laughed so hard I felt sick (especially with this one and our partner in crime @birthbabyandfamily!) and had some gentle firm talks to get me back off the ledge when things were getting tough.

And I’m grateful. So to Jools, Janine, Jules, Kirsty, Jo, Clare, Degna, Nic and several more, including my awesome sister Helen, thank you. You are as @ray_dodd would say, my ‘wall of women’ and I love you all. Xxx

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