Simple Happy Life – 25 September 2018

There’s a lot of slightly made up words that get used, which is fine, but sometimes I come across one that I really dislike. Not because it’s made up but because of what it means. This is the one that currently irks me. Instaworthy. Ugh. I love Instagram and in many ways I love the community over here better than anywhere else online. It’s kinder, gentler and more considered. But it’s also more curated and more preoccupied with appearances and aesthetics. What I love most about social media is the communication, the contact, the friendships forged, the cyber hugs and words of comfort and wisdom. And I don’t want the pursuit of perfection to get in the way of that. I don’t ever worry about what image to share on Facebook or twitter but somehow I pause at Instagram, and often consider for too long, what to post, or not post. This fear of my images or words being not ‘instaworthy’ – crazy! So I’m going to try to care less, to curate less and to not let this perceived pressure get in the way of me sharing myself here.

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