Simple Happy Life – 24 July 2018

Yesterday as I was planning how to spend the weekend and who was doing what, I realised I had a night with the girls on Friday, a yoga class & breakfast on Sunday morning AND a women only walk on Saturday which would involve me spending most of the day out without Dom & Jake. And my self care gremlins had a short lived field day!
I started to feel a bit stressed, thinking I wasn’t going to be spending much time with my family, saying things to myself like ‘I can’t do that, I’ll just drop going on the walk’. Truth is that even as a coach who practices and encourages self care which includes prioritisation of self, me time etc. I found myself wavering in the face of such indulgence! I mean, three hours on Friday night, six hours of Saturday & two hours on Sunday! Who on earth did I think I was?! Of course I soon slapped myself round the face and renewed my commitment to doing all three things but it just proved to me how tricky this self care thing can be.
I did a video about it in my Facebook group if you’re interested (link in profile) but I would love to hear about your struggles with self care, maybe I can offer a word of wisdom. It’s hard putting ourselves first when we have partners and/ or families, demanding jobs, other dependent. But it’s vital that we learn to do so, anticipating and overcoming those gremlins on the way.
And yes @behappybebrightbeyou_x this means I’m finally joining you & your group for Saturday’s walk!

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