Simple Happy Life – 22 June 2018

This is a great question to ask yourself especially when you feel like you keep running into problems in life. I’m working on my patience and irritability at the moment, it’s very much still a work in progress! I’m impatient by nature and I also find noise and too much of other people irritating. I think the noise especially and living with a nearly nine year old, noise, and sudden noises in particular are never far away! But in being impatient and allowing myself to get irritated I kill my better moods. I’m definitely not helping myself by allowing these personality traits to continue.

Of course there’s a lot to be said for accepting yourself as you are, but when you know that you are hindering yourself are that something is costing you peace of mind, it’s time to change.
So in what ways are you not helping yourself? I’d love to know so please comment below!

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