Simple Happy Life – 21 January 2019

BLUE MONDAY eye roll alert 🙄

It does seem to be dying a little death but I’m sure you might have seen an article or social post today about #bluemonday and how it’s the most depressing day of the year. Apparently.
The thing is, it’s not. Because, how could it be? It’s rooted in pseudo science, with a highly debatable formula involved and was first publicised as part of a PR campaign from a holiday company, who, yes you’ve guessed it, wanted to sell you a holiday. Since then and for the last decade or so it’s been used to sell us everything from skincare to alcohol.

So, it’s a ruse. Look at this beautiful frosty seed head! It doesn’t care if it’s blue Monday or not and neither should you. Breath the fresh air, have a cuddle, stroke a pet, meditate, eat a biscuit, call a friend, read a book. Today is totally fine 💫🧘‍♀️🌿❄️🍪📚

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