Simple Happy Life – 2 November 2018

I truly believe that when you give gratitude a space and focus in your life, magic happens. It improves happiness, contentment, mental and phyiscal wellbeing and help you to create better relationships and more meaning in your life. It can also help you to create the life that you want by concentrating your attention on making that materialise.
Research shows that gratitude has a positive effect on heart health, sleep, your immune system, mental health, resilience and connection.
My next step to helping people use gratitude to change their lives is to create ‘THE GRATITUDE HABIT’ my 28 day programme and I wondered if you’d like to join me, as my gift to you?
THE GRATITUDE HABIT consists of a daily email for 28 days, a Facebook group/gratitude community and downloadable workbook and journal to record your thoughts and progress and to help you establish a regular gratitude habit.
If you’d like to get this brilliant and potentially love changing programme and help me with my research, please could you sign up at the link in my bio
In return, you will give me some feedback and share some data so that I can measure and know what the outcomes are and can measure the success of the programme. This will hopefully persuade organisations to have me in to speak on the subject and perhaps get articles published in magazines and be asked onto people’s podcasts etc.
I need as many people as possible to agree to complete the new programme and give me relevant feedback. I intend to run the 28 day programme from 19 November, ending in mid December.
All you will need is 10-15 minutes a day to devote to it, access to a computer and email and a willingness to use Facebook at some points. I will also need you to spend probably 20 mins or so at the end giving me feedback via an online survey or similar and, if you are willing, a testimonial that I can use to help me promote the programme in the future.
I will eventually sell the programme but I will ask for a contribution of £10 to the mental health charity MIND and I’ll give you the link to do this when you have signed up. Hope you join me!

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