Simple Happy Life – 2 April 2019


I hear this a lot – and not just from myself! Do you feel this way?

Friends, coaching clients, marketing clients – pretty much everyone is hooked into this idea that life is busy and there is no spare time.

And I’m sure you’ve been there too. Fitting things into our already busy schedules can seem hard to do. Everyone wants to meditate, no one has the time. Some of us would like to read more and find the time to buy the books, but read them? Not so much. Maybe there’s a new skill you want to acquire, a business idea you’ve had and want to pursue, or a hobby that you wish you made more time for. But, there’s no time is there? And just taking little bits of time here and there isn’t going to get you anywhere.
Or is it?

If you look at the figure in this graphic, you’ll see just how much a relatively small amount of time will add up to over the space of a year.

And if you are now thinking a year is TOO long and you want to make something happen NOW, trust me, a year is a small amount of time and it’s really NOT failing at life it is takes you a year to create, complete or learn something.
So what is the thing you want to do that you don’t have time for? What’s the business idea you want to pursue or even just investigate? What the skill you want to acquire? What’s the hobby you want to get going with? What do you want to do to help you to relax?

If you took just 20 minutes a day to say, get going with a yoga practice – by the end of a year you’ll have completed 121 hours of yoga – wow!

If you dedicated an hour a day (that you might currently spend online or watching TV) to doing a distance learning course – in one year you would have studied for 365 hours.

If you just took TEN minutes a day to read a book, in a year you would have read for 60 hours. And got through a fair few of those books sat on your shelf.

If you have a new business idea, and can devote just 30 minutes a day, you’ll devote 182 hours a year – which is actually the equivalent of almost 23 working days! Think about how much you normally achieve in work in 23 days – it’s not insignificant.

So what are you going to do?

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