Simple Happy Life – 19 July 2019

School’s out (I know! I already said!) & we are spending a week without work etc just the four of us so I’m coming off social media ‘for a bit’ – how very non committal of me 🙂 It’s time to relax, forget about ‘stuff’, read books, listen to podcasts, cook, craft, walk, sleep & just BE. I’m deleting Instagram too as I just can’t be trusted! I will miss you though especially @underthegreenfigtree @ray_dodd @liveawelllife @lucylucraft @hanbullivant and your addictive stories ☺️ See you in a bit! RL pals I’m on messenger & WhatsApp & available for RL catch ups 😉 #digitaldetox #enjoythemoment #familytime #deletinginstagram #pressingpause #alliscalm

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