Simple Happy Life – 18 August 2019

One self-care practice that I have found to be really effective over the years is in identifying the things that you can use to change your mood. Sometimes when you’re feeling really down about something or even you’re feeling quite angry or anxious it’s important to try and use all of the tools in your box to get yourself out of that more negative mental state into a better or at least more even one.

Different things work for different people so it’s important to find your own, but I find the following things are really effective for me.

Scent is a good instant mood changer for me. If I’m feeling a bit flat or tired a few squirts of my favourite perfume always help to lift my mood and make me feel a little bit more clearheaded and energised. Maybe that depends on what perfume do you wear of course! There’s lots of evidence to suggest that using different essential oils can change your mood, such as lavender for relaxation etc. I don’t claim to be and aromatherapist however I’ve looked into it and dabbled around quite a lot and I have found for me personally that burning Rose geranium oil in my home helps to create a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

Music is another quite obvious mood booster or changer. Again if I’m feeling a little bit flat or down some more lively or upbeat music can really help to get me out of that headspace. Especially if I accompany that with a quick shimmy around the kitchen or the office! I also use music to soothe and calm me down. I love listening to things like Speigel Im Speigel by Arvo Part as a way of really calming any anxious feelings.

Finally, and perhaps not surprisingly, I always find getting out in the fresh air and into nature is a really good mood changer for me whether that’s because I’m just feeling a bit stuck on a particular piece of work or I’m annoyed after an argument or irritating conversation with somebody or I have something on my mind, I just grab my dog Boots (not literally of course) and head out into the fields or the woods.
If you are not really sure what your mood boosters are, then it’s really worth having a think about it just grab a pen and paper and write a list! What are yours?

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