Simple Happy Life – 17 October 2018

I completely agree with this, it’s so important to get support from the right people in life, to find your tribe, however big or small. People who like ALL of you, people who you can be real with and don’t have to put on a show for. Who you trust. I’ve got some great women on my team and I feel very lucky to be able to say that. And I value my online friendships as well as my IRL ones – and of course some women span both worlds! I’m super pleased with who is choosing to join my new mindset, self care & business Facebook group at the mo, a very special group of women, most of whom run their own businesses and who want to grow not only those businesses and enterprises but themselves as well. It’s a closed group and I’m determined to create a safe space for women to challenge their thinking, overcome obstacles, face down fears and make real and lasting changes. If you’d like to become a member just click on the link in my bio & I will let you in.
Edited to say: it’s BRENE Brown! Brilliant Brene! Damn autocorrect 🙈🙈🙈
Hope to see you there!
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