Simple Happy Life – 17 April 2018

This from @poorlydrawnlines really tickled me 🙂 I’ve not been well today, ear ache or jaw ache or something ache kept me up half the night & I’ve cried like a child twice today through sheer exhaustion – but crying is good! Sometimes you need a sob! Anyway I practiced self care, did a minimal amount of client work & spent the rest of the time with my mate Boots & a hot water bottle – oh and my hairstylist @lindsaymat81 came round and cheered me up with highlights & general girl banter so! My face and ear may ache but my hair is awesome 🙂 Lindsay has cut and coloured my hair for 19 years – and she’s just a bairn too! Has anyone else out there had a hairdresser for this long?! #ramblings #selfcare #hotwaterbottle #tomorrowisanewday

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