Simple Happy Life – 16 February 2019

Truth is, our nine year old has been bloody hard work lately. I think there are hormones involved plus difficulties with emotions, anger and generally getting along with people due to some lagging skills stuff we are working through. He’s a bright, funny kid and an amazing conversationalist and SO sharp that I think we sometimes forget he’s just a kid really, so I think his behaviour issues seem worse because we are always thinking ‘surely he’s too old to be behaving like this!’. But he’s not really. Anyway, today my old friends distraction and limited choices came into play. We went for a drive to the beach and a walk – which Jake didn’t really want to do. So a small amount of moaning commenced. But then I remembered distraction… ‘oh wow, look at this shell, aren’t the colours amazing? Ooh look, this one almost looks metallic’… 45 minutes later and we were still on the beach, beachcombing for treasures.
Then we headed off to @barterbooksuk for some lovely book browsing but again, some limited choices and boundaries, an amount of barter money to spend, only ONE annual and definitely only ONE cake! But otherwise, pick what you like.
And a lovely afternoon was had by just applying some little kid rules to my bigger kid boy 💫✨🙌🏻

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