Simple Happy Life – 15 October 2018

Ten years ago I was pretty broken. After 4 miscarriages and and a nervous breakdown which saw me leave a job of 7 years and a career of 13, overnight, and in the hands of various specialists and a counsellor, it’s safe to say I wasn’t well.
However that all changed in a heartbeat, literally, when we discovered in December 2008 that we had a ‘viable’ pregnancy & in March 2009 had it confirmed that I was carrying a perfectly healthy baby boy. My lovely lovely Jake.
Baby loss at any stage is hard, what nearly broke me was feeling alone, like everyone else was having babies all around me (they were, so many pregnancies announced during that time!). What saved me was discovering firstly an online community of women who were going through the same (thank you @notsogranny @karen.smethurst @cairns_fiz @clairraybould @chocodolly_carlinorris & so many others) and then as I was brave enough to tell people in real life, to discover how many women in my wider circle had also been through the same.
So I guess my message on this #waveoflight2018 night for #babylossawareness is that it’s good to talk & we should all speak up & reach out to each other & end this crazy and heartbreaking stigma that’s still attached to miscarriage, stillbirth & baby loss. My inbox & my heart is open to anyone reading this who needs to hear ‘me too’ & to feel they’re not alone. Much love.

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