Simple Happy Life – 15 March 2019

Ok on Monday in my Facebook group I am starting a five day FREE challenge to help women get control of their IMPOSTER SYNDROME – dun dun dur! It’s a biggy for a lot of us and I know that mine has held me back at times and caused not an insignificant amount of anxiety in my life. So over the five days of Monday to Friday next week, I’ll be helping you explore, unpick and get to grips with your feelings around this & hopefully clearing the decks a bit so it’s not holding you back so much.
There will be a live video every day plus a lovely workbook to download. If you can’t join in next week or not every day, that’s fine, do what you can, all the materials will be in the group for as long as you need them.

Sounds useful?
Visit my bio to get into the group.
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