Simple Happy Life – 15 June 2018

This is something I often do and it’s a lovely thing to do as it gets you out of your head, away from the worries, to do lists and any concerns and into your senses, into your body.

The five senses are of course sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. So as you take your walk, take each sense in turn and find a way to tune into them, one by one. You may discover something that allows you to indulge in more than one sense. You may choose to go through each sense multiple times. Or you may approach things you find on your walk and randomly tune into your senses as you experience the world around you.
It doesn’t matter what approach you take, so long as you use your senses as a way of being in the present moment, mindful and alive to the world around you, instead of the one you are creating in your head.

So in these image, you can see that for touch I am noticing the springy feeling of the mossy grass below my feet. I also explored the texture of this pine cone that I found (and its smell). The elderflowers were a fantastic sight, so soft, frothy and creamy and I spent some time just marvelling at the structure of them – and of course drinking in that heady scent. And I tasted them to see if they tasted of cordial and lo, they kind of did!

I also enjoyed the rustling sound of the breeze in the trees and also the sound of the birds.

Do you engage yours senses when you go for a walk?

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