Simple Happy Life – 15 August 2019

Back on with the simple social prompts and my next one is ‘a letter to my ten year old self’. This is quite timely for me because my only child is about to turn ten and it’s a funny age – I suppose they all are really! But you’re not a little kid, you’ve more of an understanding of the world, people and relationships. But you’re still very immature. You haven’t hit the ‘growing up’ teenage years yet. You’re probably at primary school or early middle school.

Thinking back to when I was 10, I was just coming out of my shell. I had been a very shy and introverted child – outside of my family that is. I didn’t really mix much at school or socially. I lived to learn and to read. I wanted to be an author. But I had recently gone to a new school and miraculously there was a group of girls who wanted to be friends with me and actually sought me out.
This increased my confidence and I felt a sense of belonging which outside of the home I had never had.

I also started to really form my own tastes, take an interest in popular culture and fashion, music and the like.

That ten year old girl probably wouldn’t really recognise me today as being the same person as her.

If I were to write to that girl now, as me, the 46 year old woman, these are the key things I would say to her;

Don’t limit your actions by what other people tell you is possible for you. Other people have their own shit to deal with and their own limiting beliefs. You don’t have to take them on board.

Take risks. You’ve been taught to be careful and cautious. Society rejects the idea of failure. failure is really just learning with a crap name. take some risks. make some mistakes and learn from them. if you want something, just keep trying different ways to make it happen. Look for the other options and pathways.

Work hard to like yourself. Whatever happens in your life, there you are, so it make sense to be your own best friend. You’re actually pretty brilliant. You’re sharp and funny. You have emotional intelligence. You are curious. You’re a fierce friend. You’re a good, compassionate person. you’re a lot prettier than you think you think!

What piece of advice would you give your ten year old self?

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