Simple Happy Life – 13 November 2018

Anxiety and over worrying about this can really stifle our lives and stop us from being as happy as we’d like. Anxiety is a modern epidemic, with many people these days describing themselves as anxious or having anxiety, and an uplift in the numbers of people taking this as an issue to their GP. There are many reasons why that might be which I won’t go into just now (though I will say that it’s ironic that I am writing about it on social media which does seem to be a strong factor) but what I will say is that for those who suffer in this way, finding a solution, or ways to manage and improve the condition is vital. I talk more about this in today’s stories but I know from my research into the effects of gratitude that one of the ways in which it can help people is to lessen feelings of anxiety and offer a way to pause those over worrying feelings.

In an American research project into the effects of gratitude on anxiety and depression, the researchers found that there were significant improvements in those people who undertook a daily gratitude task. MRI scans showed changes in their medial prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain involved in memory and decision making and where we process our emotions. They became less anxious and were more able to tap into feelings of empathy and kindness, all of which significantly improved their moods.

There’s also evidence that gratitude improves sleep – more on that later – which has been cited as another reason that it helps with anxiety – as often anxiety is exacerbated or created by poor sleep patterns.

So the evidence is stacking up – yesterday I talked about how it can boost your immune system, today I hope that I have convinced you that it can help with your anxiety and worrying. If you want to take part in my own gratitude programme, THE GRATITUDE HABIT, click the link in my bio. It’s free, it will be fun, and it will change your life for the better, I promise.

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