Simple Happy Life – 12 February 2019

Think that last post of mine got more likes than any of my previous posts – that quote really resonated didn’t it!
One of my aims for this year is to make the most of the relationships that I have with women who fit this description. And maybe find one or two more!
I love my husband dearly and even though I spend most of every day with him, I can honestly say that that is great 99% of the time and he really does feel like my best friend. And of course there is also little Boo 🙂 and Boots!

But there really is something special about spending time with women, who love and respect you as much as you love and respect them, and with whom you don’t feel you have to pretend about anything Or be careful of what you say. Or make lots of allowances for them because of X,Y,Z.
Because they are as whole and capable and brilliant as you are and really what it’s all about is offering love, care and respect and admiration for one another. Having one another’s back, gently questioning and nudging each other in the right direction, creating non judgmental space.
When we can find these women (who may not be a joined up group, they may be lots of individuals from different areas of your life) we can grow and be brave and keep becoming the person that we are meant to be. And help them to do the same.

I think we have all been in, and maybe still are, friendships which whilst not necessarily out and out toxic, aren’t as supportive as we need. As we deserve. And we also need to make sure that we haven’t fallen into the trap of offering less than good friendship to other women and if we have, we change that, even if that means moving away from that friendship. Not all friendships are for life & that is totally ok.
I’ve already met up with some of my tribe in 2019, and there are more lovely meet ups and liaisons in the diary.

When are you next seeing one of your tribe of women? Tag one of them in the comments below!

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