Simple Happy Life – 11 September 2018

You are unique. As is everything that you do. And no one does you better than you! And I wanted to say this to those of you who are holding themselves back, especially in business, because there is that sense that someone is already doing that. Someone already had that idea. And they’re probably better at it too, further down the path than you are. But you are unique. So what do the other people matter? I’ve fallen into this trap too. Not created something because my research tells me that my great idea has already been done, that space has already been taken. But this is rubbish. Because my version of that thing is as unique as I am. And my people will like it more than the other things. I think! Anyway, if you ARE a female business owner, or entrepreneur, or you’d like to be, then I have a new Facebook group which is a rather brilliant combo of marketing/ business ideas & support, mindset shifting stuff to help you get and keep your head in the right place and of course a community of other amazing women to share with, brainstorm & get a good old hand hold when the going gets tough! I’ll pop a link in my linktree in my bio, it’s called Simple Happy Business. Join me? It’s going to be fun.
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