Simple Happy Life – 1 August 2019

Oh hello wellies! I did not expect to be needing you again so soon! Want to know a secret? I love it when it rains. With the exception of when it rains when I’ve just had my hair done and/ or it’s also really windy!
Yesterday I went for a rainy walk to get some air and some peace and quiet. Just me and the dog! I went to the woods to stay a wee bit drier (it’s was a bit torrential) and was rewarded with lots of shiny wet leaves and bark and a wonderful mulchy smell!
I know I bang on, but getting outdoors and having time to yourself each day is vital. I write this whilst the rest of the house sleeps. I got up early as my morning anxiety was in full flow at 6am so instead of fighting it with more sleep I got up and meditated and stroked the dog.
Feel better now and more ready to face the day.

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