Gratitude in motion

Ever since I started this blog I have been meaning to write about gratitude, but the truth is, it’s such a huge topic for me I didn’t know where to start and how to break it down. So I did something which to me feels very brave. I created a Facebook group called The Gratitude Habit. It felt like the right thing to do as a way of me starting to unravel what is, to be, pretty much the cornerstone of my life and what allows me to live such a joyful and abundant feeling life.

The group is designed to run for 4 weeks and be a way of me exploring, sharing and having conversations with people about gratitude and hopefully setting up a few new gratitude habits with people in the group that will bring the same level of positivity to their lives. I’m very excited about that part!

I’ve invited people and I have also posted about it on my personal Facebook page, which was the thing that felt brave. had one of those ‘who do you think you are to…’ moments right there and then!

But I have been pretty overwhelmed that almost 50 people have joined since this morning so I guess I must have hit a chord with people. And that they trust me to do this with them. Which is great.

So will you join me? The group is here. You do need a Facebook account but if you want to join in just leave me a comment and we will make that happen.

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