Business Coaching

If you are a female business owner, does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there of how to market, grow and improve your business and worry about either making the wrong choice, or have total FOMO about all the other marketing that your competitors seem to be doing?

  • You understand the nuts and bolts of running a business and have great ideas for marketing but you’re not implementing enough of what you need to and you don’t understand why?

  • You are fearful – fearful of making mistakes, wasting money, looking foolish. Fearful of failing.

  • You want to do more marketing but aren’t clear about your purpose in doing so – so you don’t!

  • You feel like you’re playing small and holding yourself back but feel unable to take bigger steps

  • You love your business and are proud of what you have achieved so far but you KNOW there’s a lot more you could do if only you had the time/ brains/ creativity/ organisational skills to make it possible

  • You feel alone and just wish you had someone to bounce idea off and get honest feedback, to be held accountable by

If you recognise yourself in any of these statements then I can help you with my coaching package!

The fact is, most female business owners are mainly being held back by themselves.

Yes sometimes it feels the odds are a bit stacked against us, we’ve probably been brought up to play down our strengths, to be ‘nice’ and not too pushy, We still share the burden of much of the childcare and homemaking so that we have less time and energy perhaps to put to our businesses than men do, but the MAIN thing that’s holding us back is not all of this.

What holds us back is our mindsets about what is and isn’t possible. What we can and cannot do. What’s achievable for ‘someone like us’.

If this sounds familiar and you feel that the combination of an experience marketing and business owner and a trained and experienced life coach could be just what you need to ramp up your business efforts, then why not get in touch?

I have worked in marketing for over 24 years and currently run two businesses, one for 14+ years. So I have a lot of ideas and experience around what it takes to market a business successfully and all the other day to day stuff of business life too. Because I have spent 24+ years doing this for various organisations that I worked for, for myself in my own business and of course all my business clients.

I am a trained life coach – and this is the VERY handy bit. Many of the female business owners I know and have met are talented, clever and full of brilliance – but they don’t fully recognise this, if at all. They are full of fears and doubts about what they can achieve – and so they don’t achieve all they can. They have so many limiting beliefs and there are so many stories being told about what they can and can’t do! I have ben a coach for 15 years.

Together over six weeks, we will look at your business, how it stands today and where you want it to be. Then through looking at both your mindset we will tackle your limiting beliefs, your fears and your self belief. Then we will look at your marketing and choose the best strategies and tactics for you, ensuring your mindset is set for success and old beliefs and programming is given a back seat.

The six week coaching for success package includes;

  • 3 x 60 minutes coaching sessions – either face to face at my office and home in the Tyne Valley or by phone/ skype/ FaceTime
  • 6 x weekly email check ins where you can update me on anything that’s happened that week and ask for any quick advice or ideas that you need.
  • 4 x ‘emergency’ 15 minute calls when an email won’t do and you need a quick bit of advice, support or just a pep talk! (If you don’t use these calls we can convert them to an additional one hour coaching call).
  • A 20% discount on my marketing, branding and design rates should you wish to work with me on any specific marketing activity for your business. My brand and marketing consultancy has been in business for 12 years now and we have worked with dozens and dozens of businesses in that time to help them raise their profile, improve their image and win more business. And we can help you too!

This is available for a package price of just £495. If all of this was to be priced out separately it would cost £680 at my usual coaching rates so there’s a huge discount of almost £200 built into this package. 

If you would like to spread out payments I have a payment option of;

One payment of just £175 to secure your time with me – payable immediately on booking
A further payment of £175 due after the first session
A final payment of £175 due before the final session.

If you would like to book this package and get your slots in the diary please email me today and I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can.

Nor for you?

If this package doesn’t feel right for you but you do feel that you need support you have two options;

One: Laser Coaching

One off sessions for when you need a deep dive into one particular area or concern that you have. These can be booked in advance as one off sessions. Investment: £150 per session for a 60 minute session plus 15 minute follow up call.

Two: Bespoke

Get in touch and we can come up with a bespoke package that works for you. I can work 121 face to face, by Skype or FaceTime or phone and with a combination of email support too. Bespoke packages come with bespoke prices but just as a guide, an hour of coaching as part of a package costs around £100.

Email me to book a laser session or to discuss your needs for a bespoke package.

Working with Sarah on my business was like a breath of fresh air. She challenged me on my thinking, supported me to make changes and try things that I was previously wary of - she's also great fun too. I really recommend working with her to help grow your business.
Working with Sarah on my business was like a breath of fresh air. She challenged me on my thinking, supported me to make changes and try things that I was previously wary of - she's also great fun too. I really recommend working with her to help grow your business.