This is the place for my musings on simplicity, productivity and happiness and what I have discovered on my journey to a simple life.

Without complaint

“The weather is so miserable this time of year.” “I can’t stand Christmas, can’t wait for it to be over.” “Why are my shoes NEVER where Read more

Surviving a bad day

Yesterday was not a good day. My husband was upset as he felt professionally slighted by a client and can’t shake it off. I work with Read more

Just jammin’

Jam. such a simple store cupboard item. Nothing too special? A bit ho-hum? I hear there are people out there who… shh… don’t. like. Jam. Hmm. Read more

embracing the ordinary

There are a lot of messages out there about the ‘extraordinary’. Especially in ‘the media’. It seems that we all, at times, feel pressured to be Read more