All Is Calm

How would you like the lead up to Christmas to be more thoughtful and less stressful? More serene and less inward scream?

The word advent, although tied to the Christian calendar in most of our minds, actually means ‘coming’, ‘birth’ ’emergence’ & ‘arrival’. And in the lead up to the festive season, I want to create an advent experience just for you, through the practice of self care, so that we emerge and arrive at Christmas Day feeling calm, relaxed and even joyful.

Christmas is a time of heightened emotions and expectations and probably the one time in the year when we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure that everyone else is happy and has a memorable time.

But what about US? Don’t WE deserve that too?

During this busy period of time when women are generally stretched to their limits, I want to help, guide & if needs be cajole you alongside the usual to do list, to a more peaceful, serene state of being. So, just for you, because I know this season can be difficult, I have created All Is Calm – The Advent of Self Care.

In this short and beautifully simple series of 24 advent letters from me, I want to give you some tricks, truths & treats to bring calm, serenity & perhaps a little magic to December so that maybe it really will be ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’

Think of it as your gift to YOU – a little break in each day to reflect, ponder, create space

The course will be delivered in a short, simple, beautiful email, every day from 1 – 24 December. There will be nothing else to do, no Facebook join, no community to feel pressured to be part of – just an Instagram hashtag for those wishing to join in with sharing anything that you’d like to, little sparks from the letters, little epiphanies perhaps.

I promise to try my very best to inspire, uplift and support you in each and every letter. Read it with an early morning cuppa, on your commute or coffee break, or take a little time each evening for yourself, once the busy day is over.

It would be great to have you along for the sleigh ride!

All Is Calm – An Advent of Self Care is just £12 and if I do say so myself is ridiculously good value for money! But it’ available at this price as my gift to you, to say thank you for being with me in 2019 and in hope of you joining me in 2020.


To buy All is Calm, simply click the button below and pay via paypal or using a debit/ credit card.

Give the Gift of Self Care

If you’d like to buy it as a gift, do the same but send me a quick email with the email address of the person you’d like to buy it for. I will then email an All is Calm branded email with a link to sign up for the letters.

life is really very simple, but we insist on making it complicated
life is really very simple, but we insist on making it complicated